assembled filler

Product Description

Product features:

The filler set soft filling and semi soft packing is excellent, overcome the malpractice.It to the plastic ring is rely on, load vinylon filament, vinylon wire fastening in the plastic ring in the water body is uniformly dispersed in tow, easy film, for the film, and the effluent concentrations of good adaptability.

Packing unit and unit diameter (Φ 120, diameter 150, diameter 200) made of plastic clip aldehyde condensation wire.

Combined type polycyclic filler, plastic ring around 40 square holes are arranged, the eight beam hydroformylation wires are distributed on the periphery of each bundle of filaments, with four square holes, thus, hydroformylation wire in a plastic ring sense of solidity self-evident.In the strong aeration turbulent bowel for the case of ideal use packing.

Working principle
Performance parameters
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