How to evaluate good MBBR bio filter media or bad one?

Filter surface performance

  1. 1.   Surface structure: rougher surface,faster biofilm formation.

YL filters’ surface has rough surface after special surfacetreatment.

  1. 2.   Surface charge: Generally, microorganismstake negative charge so that filter surface with positive charge is favorablefor microorganism growth.

YL filters’ surface charge positively after special surfacetreatment.

  1. 3.   Hydrophilicity: Microorganisms arehydrophilic particles so that filter with good hydrophilicity is favorable formicroorganism growth.

Hydrophilic groups are added in YL filter, which improves biofilmformation and biomass.

Hydraulics performance

  1. 1.    Porosity: Higher porosity, betterperformance.

The porosity of YL filter is more than 90%.

  1. 2.    Shape and Size: Shape and size of media affectwater flow and air flow.

The shape of YL filter is like honeycomb and its suitable size is beneficialto the three dimensional fluidization of the filter in the water.

Fluidizing performance: It isrelated to the filter density.

The specific gravity of YL filter is 0.97-1.03, and only softaeration or stir can make the filter fluidize.

We provide different filters for aerobic, anaerobic and anoxicwastewater treatment process. According to the characteristics of highconcentration wastewater, we can design individualized filters.

Linda Caitlin Cindy Anne
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